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Advising First
<p class='flashheadline'>Welcome to Advising First!</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Supporting students as they establish and realize their personal, academic, and career goals</p><p><a href='/About-Us/Who-we-are' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>Advising First Center for Exploratory Students </p><p class='flashsubtitle'>Place passion and purpose at the center of your educational decision making</p><p><a href='/About-Us/Advising-First-Center-for-Exploratory-Students' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p> <p class='flashheadline'>College Life Coaches</p><p class='flashsubtitle'>College Life Coaches are dedicated to helping students get the most out of their college experience</p><p><a href='/About-Us/College-Life-Coaches' class='super_more_link'><img src='/design/topnav/images/more.gif'/></a></p>

"The supportive team of advisors helped me to pull all of my interests, talents, and passions together, allowing me to pursue my dream career of managing marathons and other endurance events for athletes around the world."

Skyler Matchett, Media/Communication Studies, Marketing


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